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Terrace Lined Streets

Clifton Hill has one of Melbourne’s most distinctive architectural characters, a trait that has informed OLA Studio’s sympathetic approach to the design of Alexandra. Surrounding streets are dotted with well preserved Victorian and Edwardian terrace homes, giving this pocket a charming and historic feel.

Red Brick Heritage

Alexandra Parade is synonymous with the iconic red brick buildings that reside upon it. A string of industrial factories are found along the street face, some converted into residential dwellings, others still used for manufacturing. The iconic Clifton Hill Shot Tower also lives on Alexandra Parade. This distinct materiality was very much the inspiration for Alexandra’s red brick façade.

Clifton Hill is widely recognised as one of Melbourne’s most liveable locations, and upon entering, it’s clear why. The leafy enclave seizes all the best aspects of suburban and urban living, binding them together to form a well-balanced suburb that truly has it all. Despite its incredible proximity to metropolitan life, Clifton Hill exudes an undeniable warmth and an infectious community spirit, delivering a fulfilling lifestyle to those lucky enough to call the oasis home.

An innovative suburb shaped by the hallmarks of its rich history.

Clifton Hill Train Station

Clifton Hill railway station opened on 8 May 1888. It is an intact example of a Victorian Tudor style suburban railway station, and is one of eleven that were originally built in 1887–89. It is the only example that still retains the original corrugated iron wings on either side of the main building. The timber verandah on the eastern platform is also considered architecturally rare. Other features of the complex include two timber-framed gabled roofed signal boxes, located on either side of Platform 2, and the original swinging railway gates. One signal box was for the operation of the former level crossing gates across Heidelberg Road, which was replaced by an overpass in 1957. The other signal box serviced the level crossing at Ramsden Street.

Former United Kingdom Hotel

The former United Kingdom Hotel was built in 1937-38, and is of architectural significance as possibly Victoria’s most exquisite and intact example of the Jazz Moderne style of architecture designed by one of the most notable proponents of the style, J. H. Wardrop.

Iconically located at the corner of Queens Parade and Heidelberg Road the building is externally almost original, with the exception of post-war rear additions.

Queens Parade

Queens Parade, straddling the suburbs of Fitzroy North and Clifton Hill in the City of Yarra, was originally a track shown on Robert Hoddle‘s Crown survey of 1837, linking Melbourne to Heidelberg. Established by 1839, it was Melbourne’s first major road. The track originally extended from the top of Bourke Street and followed an irregular course to the northeast, following the top of the Collingwood escarpment and running along the current alignments of Queens Parade, Heidelberg Road, Upper Heidelberg Road and Lower Plenty Road. Queens Parade was surveyed by Hoddle as a three chain (60m) wide boulevard and reserved in 1853. It was one of Melbourne‘s earliest surveyed boulevards.

Studley Park Boathouse

Built in 1863 by the Burn Family, the Studley Park Boathouse, or ‘Riversdale’ as it was then known, was the first boathouse to ever take residence on the banks of the Yarra River. Since then, it has been utilised as a rooming house, a retail outlet, a boat workshop and a fibreglass factory. Having reverted back to its origins as a public boathouse, the refurbished establishment is today a stunning example of Victorian architecture, displaying wide, wrap-around porches where diners can be witnessed enjoying a bite from the in-house restaurant. Now a popular destination for weddings and the like, the grandiose residence forms a major part of the locale’s rich historical fabric.

Naturally lush, historically rich, culturally progressive. The Clifton Hill lifestyle is unrivalled.

Clifton Hill holds a distinct village atmosphere despite its city fringe location, playing host to a close-knit yet wonderfully diverse community. Some of Melbourne’s most enchanting parks and reserves are Clifton Hill-owned; making for a life tinged by greenery, yet contrastingly back dropped by views of the city skyline. Bound by Collingwood and Fitzroy, Clifton Hill thrives with trendy cafés, vibrant bars and sophisticated restaurants, all within mere walking distance of Alexandra.

For the avid shopper, a plethora of coveted boutiques are also close at hand, paired with an ample collection of food stores and bakeries. Several acclaimed schools reside within this family-centric realm, accounting for the rich community spirit that reverberates throughout. Making for the utmost convenience, the locale is also incredibly connected, afforded access to a scope of well-serviced public transport options and local amenities.

It’s almost inconceivable that one of Melbourne’s most naturally rich precincts could exist in such close proximity to the CBD. Incredibly close to Alexandra, Studley Park and its surrounding amenities make for idyllic days encompassed in greenery. Beside a scenic walking track, several picnic spots present themselves along the glistening Yarra; perfect for afternoons spent feeding ducks and watching ardent rowers swish by. Hire your own boat at The Studley Park Boathouse, a historic residence where you can also grab a scrumptious bite to eat. Dights Falls is another landmark of this precinct, a spectacular river rapids you’ll come across on the Dights Fall’s Loop Trail – one of Melbourne’s most scenic walking paths.

If it weren’t for glimpses of the city skyline in the distance, you could easily be tricked into thinking this expansive north side oasis was tucked away somewhere in country Victoria.

Indicative northern View from Alexandra
Indicative south western view from Alexandra
  1. Admiral Cheng Ho
  2. Argo Fishop
  3. Bodriggy Brewing Co.
  4. Clifton Hill Brewpub
  5. Citrico
  6. Dirty Apron
  7. Dr Morse
  8. Kelso’s Sandwich Shoppe
  9. Lulie Tavern
  10. Mixed Business
  11. Rita’s
  12. Rubber Duck Cafe
  13. Terminus Hotel
  14. The Recreation Bistro
  15. The Fox Hotel
  16. Two: Bob
  17. Uncle Drew

Retail & Groceries
  1. Bruce
  2. Cavallini
  3. Curious Grace
  4. Dutch Vinyl
  5. Flower of Sorrento
  6. IGA Abbotsford
  7. Life Interiors
  8. McCoppins
  9. Mecca Bros
  10. Royal Hotel Bottle Shop
  11. Schots Home Emporium
  12. The Butchers Block
  13. Toorallie
Parks & Recreation
  1. Abbotsford Convent
  2. Clifton Hill Yoga Studio
  3. Collingwood Children’s Farm
  4. Collingwood Leisure Centre
  5. Darling Gardens
  6. Dights Falls
  7. FareShare Kitchen Garden
  8. Fitzroy Pool
  9. Ramsden Street Oval
  10. Studley Park
  11. Victoria Park
  12. Yarra Bend Park

Education & Transport
  1. Clifton Hill - Abbotsford Footbridge
  2. Clifton Hill Primary School
  3. Clifton Hill Train Station
  4. Fitzroy North Primary School
  5. Noone St No. 246 Bus
  6. Spensley St Primary School
  7. St Johns Primary School
  8. Victoria Park Train Station